What is a GTK "render detail"?

I was having temporary difficulties setting the icon of a window in my C program to a stock icon, and I almost asked how to do it, but then I created the GdkPixbuf I needed like this: gtk_widget_render_icon(GTK_WIDGET(window),GTK_STOCK_CONVERT,-1,NULL) The last argument is described by the documentation as "render detail to pass to theme engine. [allow-none]" ([here][1]). Since I have no idea what an appropriate value for that might be, I set it to NULL and hoped it would work. It did work, but now I want to know why. What is this value supposed to be? Is there any possible repercussion if I leave it as NULL? [1]: https://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/stable/GtkWidget.html#gtk-widget-render-icon
What version of Gtk are you using?

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