ISO-8859-1 vs UTF-8 ?

What should be used and when ? or is it always better to use UTF-8 always? or ISO-8859-1 still has importance in specific conditions? Is Character-set related to geographic region? ---------- **Edit:** Is there any benefit to put this code `@charset "utf-8";` or like this `` at the top of CSS file? I found for this > If DreamWeaver adds the tag when you > add embedded style to the document, > that is a bug in DreamWeaver. From the > W3C FAQ: > > "For style declarations embedded in a > document, @charset rules are not > needed and must not be used." > > The charset specification is a part of > CSS since version 2.0 (may 1998), so > if you have a charset specification in > a CSS file and Safari can't handle it, > that's a bug in Safari. and add **accept-charset** in form
and what should be use if i use xhtml doctype or

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