Accessing parameters passed on the stack in an ASM function

I am writing an assembly function to be called from C that will call the `sidt` machine instruction with a memory address passed to the C function. From my analysis of the code produced by MSVC10, I have constructed the following code (YASM syntax): SECTION .data SECTION .text GLOBAL _sidtLoad _sidtLoad: push ebp mov ebp,esp sub esp,0C0h push ebx push esi push edi lea edi,[ebp-0C0h] mov ecx,30h mov eax,0CCCCCCCCh sidt [ebp+8] pop edi pop esi pop ebx add esp,0C0h cmp ebp,esp mov esp,ebp pop ebp ret Here is the C function signature: void sidtLoad (void* mem); As far as I can see everything should work, I have even checked the memory address passed to the function and have seen that it matches the address stored at [ebp+8] (the bytes are reversed, which I presume is a result of endianness and should be handled by the machine). I have tried other arguments for the `sidt` instruction, such as [ebp+12], [ebp+4], [ebp-8] etc but no luck. P.S I am writing this in an external assembly module in order to get around the lack of inline assembly when targeting x64 using MSVC10. However, this particular assembly function/program is being run as x86, just so I can get to grips with the whole process. P.P.S I am not using the `__sidt` intrinsic as the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) doesn't seem to support it. Or at least I can't get it to work with it!

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