input from fgets not stored using sscanf properly

So I have this small part of my code (basically the input for my whole program). It has to take the form of a string with at most 20 characters, and two integers all separated by a space. eg master 1 1 int main(void) { int i, x, y; char input[28]; char* name = NULL; fgets(input, 28, stdin); sscanf(input, "%s %i %i", name, &x, &y); printf("%s %i %i\n", name, x, y); return 0; } Basically I'm trying to print it out to see if the program is storing the input correctly, as it has to be stored in a linked list later on. Everything worked fine, but no matter what I type, It prints out (null) 0 4196064. It seg faults if I put and ampersand infront of name in the sscanf() function as well. Any ideas on how to fix this would be much appreciated!

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