math.h ceil not working as expected in C

How come ceil() rounds up an even floating with no fractional parts? When I try to do this: double x = 2.22; x *= 100; //which becomes 222.00... printf("%lf", ceil(x)); //prints 223.00... (?) But when I change the value of 2.22 to 2.21 x *= 100; //which becomes 221.00... printf("%lf", ceil(x)); //prints 221.00... as expected I tried to do it another way like this using modf() and encountered another strange thing: double x = 2.22 * 100; double num, fraction; fraction = modf(x, &num); if(fraction > 0) num += 1; //goes inside here even when fraction is 0.00... So what happens is 0.000... is greater than 0? Can anyone explain why both of these situations are happening? Also I'm compiling using cc version 4.1.2 in RedHat.

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