C create Array and check for Input Error

Simple question. I am trying to build a simple script that will ask you for a number. That integer will be the amount of numbers you will enter in total. Then your program finds the biggest number and the smallest. And I have build that. Easy. int CHECK=100; int a[50],size,i,max,min; printf("\nEnter the size of the array: "); scanf("%d",&size); printf("\nEnter %d numbers: ", size); for(i=0;ia[i]) min=a[i]; } printf("Smallest element: %d",small); printf("\n"); return 0; } My question is, how can I tell to check for conditions. For instance, the user can input only positive numbers and smaller than 100. So if you enter -4 or 201 an Error has to be displayed telling you to try again. Any ideas as of how we can do that in a simple way. Or even point me to the right direction. I appreciate it. Thank you.
Why do you feel that you must store the numbers? Consider looking for the smallest/largest as each number is entered, then you don't have to have a static limit (50) on how many numbers can be accepted. Designing programs to not have static limits is generally preferable.

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