reversing text file in C

I wrote the following code but when i enter "abcd" it shows "dcb" and skips the first character.I know that my logic in the while loop crosses the file boundary but fseek(f2) is still not 0 when it crosses the file boundary.It should return some negative value. #include int main() { FILE *f1,*f2; char ch; clrscr(); f1=fopen("Input","w"); while((ch=getchar())!=EOF) putc(ch,f1); fclose(f1); f2=fopen("Input","r"); fseek(f2,-1L,2); while(ftell(f2)!=0) { ch=getc(f2); printf("%c",ch); fseek(f2,-2L,1); } fclose(f2); getch(); return(0); }
fseek(f2,-1L,2); Please don't do this. Include the proper header file (stdio.h) and use the constants SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, SEEK_END.

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