Smarty Relative include path

File structure is as follows: index.php settings/ |-manage_account.php templates/viriditio-v2/ |-index.tpl templates/virditio-v2/css |-style.css `localhost/~braden/virditio/index.php` shows the template like expected showing index.tpl with the style sheet paths correctly showing: ` ` However `localhost/~braden/virditio/settings/manage_account.php` shows the same path, which is the relative path (should be ../ to be complete). What's an easy way to make it relative to the template? Or absolute to the root? Is there a Smarty function that includes css files and makes them not relative? Currently I have it set like this: config: `template_url = "templates/virditio-v2/"` and .tpl: `` ## EDIT ## It's not pretty but I was able to accomplish it with {assign var='config_url' value=#template_url#} {assign var='template_url' value=http://`$smarty.server.SERVER_NAME`$config_url} Any better solutions out there?

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