Setting byte array pointer in structure in C

I have a structure that contains a pointer to a byte array. To set the pointer I’ve tried the following two ways: 1 Use malloc then memcpy byte array data (commented out in code below). 2 Simply copy pointer. #include "stdlib.h" #include "string.h" #include "stdio.h" typedef struct _element { unsigned char *pValue; int nLength; } Element; Element* ElementCreate(void) { Element *pElement = (Element*)malloc(sizeof(*pElement)); pElement->pValue = NULL; pElement->nLength = 0; return pElement; } void ElementDestroy(Element **ppElement) { Element *pElement = NULL; if (!ppElement) return; pElement = *ppElement; //free(pElement->pValue); //pElement->pValue = NULL; free(pElement); *ppElement = NULL; } void ElementSetValue(Element *pElement, unsigned char *pValue, int nLength) { //pElement->pValue = (unsigned char*)malloc(nLength * sizeof(*(pElement->pValue))); //if (!(pElement->pValue)) // return; //memcpy(pElement->pValue, pValue, nLength); pElement->pValue = pValue; pElement->nLength = nLength; } void ElementWriteValue(const Element *pElement) { int nIndex = 0; for (; nIndex < pElement->nLength; nIndex++) printf("%02X ", pElement->pValue[nIndex]); } int main(void) { //unsigned char myValue[] = { 0x01, 0x02, 0x03 }; //int nLength = sizeof(myValue) / sizeof(myValue[0]); Element *pElement = ElementCreate(); { unsigned char myValue[] = { 0x01, 0x02, 0x03 }; int nLength = sizeof(myValue) / sizeof(myValue[0]); ElementSetValue(pElement, myValue, nLength); } // How come this writes out correct value? ElementWriteValue(pElement); ElementDestroy(&pElement); return 0; } (Error checks are omitted for brevity) Which way is correct? I’d expect 2 to fail because myValue will be destroyed after the “}” so printf("%02X ", pElement->pValue[nIndex]); would write out rubbish data but it seems to work OK. Why?

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