CSS: How to get lines to "line up" accross different columns?

I am creating an HTML web page, which comprises of three vertical columns. The columns contain different content - including form elements (selects etc). However, I would like the text lines to "line up" accross all three columns (not sure if I'm using the correct terminolgy here). At the moment, the text in columns 1, 2 and three (using the 1st column text as a reference), are not "lined up" - that is to say that if a virtual horizontal line was to be drawn accross the three columns, the text on column 1 would be on the line (since it is the reference column), and the text in columns 2 and 3 are NOT on the same horizontal line. Is there a CSS rule I can use to ensure that the texts "line up" accross all columns - even though some columns may contain form controls, images etc?

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