css - hidden div has large white space in its place in IE

Any ideas how I get rid of white space on my IE browser. It is caused by a hidden div. When I remove the div the white space goes. Works fine in FF. Here is the DIV: Here are the styles associated with it: .ofCommunications .hidden { display:none; visibility: hidden; } I am also trying to get the p and the img inside the third div to display on the same line but that doesn't seem to be working either. Thanks in advance Caroline
why would you specify both "visibility: hidden" and "display: none"? Visibility:hidden without display:none still takes the space the element would otherwise take if it were visible. display:none removes the element from the document flow Perhaps try switching the two statements: {visibility:hidden; display:none;} (just a guess as to why IE might be messing up)

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