Is it possible to parse a stylesheet with Nokogiri?

I've spent my requisite two hours Googling this, and I can not find any good answers, so let's see if humans can beat Google computers. I want to parse a stylesheet in Ruby so that I can apply those styles to elements in my document (to make the styles inlined). So, I want to take something like And be able to extract it into a Nokogiri object of some sort. The Nokogiri class "CSS::Parser" ( certainly has a promising name, but I can't find any documentation on what it is or how it works, so I have no idea if it can do what I'm after here. My end goal is to be able to write code something like: a_web_page = Nokogiri::HTML(html_page_as_string) parsed_styles = Nokogiri::CSS.parse(html_page_as_string) parsed_styles.each do |style| existing_inlined_style = a_web_page.css(style.declaration) || '' a_web_page.css(style.declaration)['css'] = existing_inlined_style + style.definition end Which would extract styles from a stylesheet and add them all as inlined styles to my document.

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