Are there any syntax errors in the code snippet here?

typedef union YYSTYPE { int64_t iConst; // constant value float fConst; // constant value int iAttrLocator; // attribute locator (rowitem for int/float; offset+size for bits) int iFunc; // function id int iNode; // node index } YYSTYPE; It looks valid to me,but the cdt reports the following for the line `int64_t iConst;`: Multiple markers at this line: - syntax error before "int64_t" - no semicolon at the end of structure or union There are two files that defines `int64_t`,one is within the project itself(`sphinxstd.h`),the other is the project-independent **Includes** path `D:/MinGW/include/stdint.h`,is it caused by this conflict? **UPDATE** I select the code above,then by ctrl-x and ctrl-s plus ctrl-v and ctrl-s,the problem is gone! Is there any cdt users here?
Hm, you're using the same name YYSTYPE twice there - perhaps that's the problem?

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