printf is not giving output when using system

I have following code(part of code): snprintf( command, sizeof(command), "%s -o %s -n \"%s\" -st %s -et %s -a \"%s\"", _pcOPMTRExePath, _pcTempFile, l_acHostName, _pcStartTime, _pcEndTime, l_acMessage ); printf("%s",command); l_iRetValue = system(command); /* Return an error if failed to copy*/ if(l_iRetValue!=0) { printf("18"); return INTERNAL_ERROR; } The issue is system command is working fine. But my printf is not giving the command value. Is this the issue of memory overflow or like that?
You've been on the site for eight months, and asked eight questions. By now you should know how to format code in a question (and if not: Please don't make other people do it for you.

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