Need For Uniform Browser Engine

Of course, we have been witnessing a lot of browsers differences in rendering elements, in displaying those, the support for CSS, the support for html/xhtml standards and more importantly different layout engines such as Trident, Tasman, Gecko, KHTML, WebKit and Presto which is mainly why there are differences. I just wonder why there isn't a uniform/agreed upon or centralized layout engine so that browsers differences are put to an end or probably to keep them as minimum as possible. Why we, the developers, are messing around with differences like idiots, correcting things for each browsers? Until what we will remain to like like idiots in the eyes of engine makers? Are there any future of plans of those ^joints^ to do some centralized stuff? Here are some of the details of what I am talking about: [][1] Thanks guys. [1]:
This is a very large question indeed. A lot of factors are involved. It's interesting though to see the comments and answers about it.

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