c classes functions

Ok this may be a silly question for many of you. Let me preface this with a list in order of the languages I've learned over the past 10 years. [by the way, I understand that some of these are scripting languages] - vb 6.0 - html - asp - php - css - javascript - managed c++ - c# - c++ - C - ASM Yeah I know I started at the complete opposite end, but hopefully the list keeps me from getting criticized to much with this one heh. **QUESTION:** Are there classes in plain old C...I know there are structures... Also I would like to know if you can declare functions in C structures/classes(if they exist). I think the answer to both is no, but It's hard to find information on plain C on the internet as most things are for C++. Also, I am interested in knowing any tips, tricks, or warning for working with C. Much thanks in advance. BTW: I'm interested in C for the purpose of portability and speed.
Psh, any language is a scripting language if looked at from a certain angle. Even machine language is scripting the hardware. Don't be ashamed of your HTML/CSS/JS etc roots!

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