IE6 Red Cross and Border around image

MAJOR UPDATE: -------------------------------------------------- **I have a PNG fix working on the site. When I remove the PNG fix the red cross and border disapear. What's odd is that the problem only seems to do it with this particular image. There are other Alpha Blended PNG's on the same page that render fine.** -------------------------------------------------- The image is not broken (you can see it) nor is it a link. But IE6 and 7 both put a box around it and a red cross on it. It also strips the styling. [![alt text][1]][1] UPDATE: The image is NOT a background image, and the image is definitely not broken. You can actually see the image, works fine in Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It's a plain old regular image tag
here's the css .page_leader { margin: 10px 0; } and here's the exact same thing in safari [![alt text][2]][2] [1]: [2]:

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