CSS Overflow issue in IE7

I'm working on a site for a client at the moment, and have it working correctly in all browsers except IE7 (IE6 and IE8 tested fine). It's a WordPress site and the theme is a child theme of the Thematic framework. This is an example of a page that is not displayed correctly in IE7: http://roynesbitt.credit-medics.co.uk/our-donors The main content is forcing vertical and horizontal scrollbars on the main wrapper and is also not pushing the footer down, so that is appearing midway through it. The irony is that this works correctly in IE6, it's just IE7 that is displaying this issue. Any suggestions on how to fix are gratefully received.
Can you add some CSS code of the footer? And have you checked what happens if you change paddings, margins, width (box-model) for IE7 only?

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