Warning when using function pointers in C

This is actually a non-critical question, but I get this warning most of the time I use function pointers and still couldn't figure out why on my own. Consider the following prototype: typedef void * Pointer; void tree_destroyLineage(Tree greatest_parent, void *dataDestructor(Pointer data)); And so far I can compile my thousand-line-long code and get zero warnings. So I'm assuming I wrote the declaration correctly. But then I call it in code, passing free as my destructor, since the data stored in the tree nodes are simple structs: tree_destroyLineage(decision_tree, free); And this makes me get a `"warning: passing argument 2 of 'tree_destroyLineage' from incompatible pointer type"` message. My first hypotesis was that the compiler couldn't figure out at compile time that `Pointer` and `void *` are the same thing, so I tried both creating another function with the exact same types of the function pointer that "repasses" the call to `free()` and changing the function pointer declaration to accept a `void *` instead of a Pointer. Both approaches gave me the very same warning at the very same place. What am I doing wrong and how do I solve it?

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