How do you organise CSS in your project?

One of the most challenging thing I have felt while working on (complex) web application is the organizing the CSS.Here are the different approaches we have tried on multiple projects. **1: Have a different stylesheet for every web page/module.** Obviously we were very new to web apps then, and this approach resulted in too many style sheets and too much repetition of styles. We had a tough time to achieve consistency across the application. **2: Have a common style sheets which is shared across the similar web pages.** This worked well for sometime until it became too complex. Also we found that we had too many exceptions which still resulted in tweaking common styles for particular cases, which if done incorrectly can affect different parts of the application and at some point it becomes difficult. Also having a large development team (across different time zones) and tough project timeline didn't helped our cause. Although #2 works, but still we have seen our products still doesn't have the similar UI quality and consistency as we would like to. Are there any CSS style guidelines that one should refer for very complex web 2.0 application. How do other people maintain their stylesheets?

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