Wrapping long text in CSS

I have text like
PellentesquePellentesquePellentesquePellentesquePellentesquePellentesquePellentesquePellentesquePellentesquePellentesquePellentesquePellentesquePellentesquePellentesquePellentesque feugiat tempor elit. Ut mollis lacinia quam. Sed pharetra, augue aliquam ornare vestibulum, metus massalaoreet tellus, eget iaculis lacus ipsum et diam.
I do not want horizontal scrolling. Is it possible to wrap the text (auto-line break). I know there are some IE specific properties. Thank you for your time. UPDATE: I can use jQuery, Javascript, PHP to do this also. but how? I mean the letters (font) are not fixed width or whatever you call that.
The real solution is "Don't have insanely long words in the first place".

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