What methods of ‘clearfix’ can I use?

I have the age-old problem of a `div` wrapping a two-column layout. My sidebar is floated, so my container `div` fails to wrap the content and sidebar.
There seem to be numerous methods of fixing the clear bug in Firefox: * `
` * `overflow:auto` * `overflow:hidden` In my situation, the only one that seems to work correctly is the `
` solution, which is a little bit scruffy. `overflow:auto` gives me nasty scrollbars, and `overflow:hidden` must surely have side effects. Also, IE7 apparently shouldn't suffer from this problem due to its incorrect behaviour, but in my situation it's suffering the same as Firefox. Which method currently available to us is the most robust?
I use jqui.net/tips-tricks/css-clearfix it helps me hide the dot :)

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