How to get my background to work

I have a website where the background need to be stribes (got an image of the stripe) in my body css i set it as background-image and repeat it, so far so good: body { font-family: Verdana, Sans-Serif; text-align: left; margin:0px; text-align:center; background-image:url(../Gfx/Design/bg.png); background-repeat:repeat; width:100%; height:100%; } #BGContainer { margin:0px; background-image:url(../Gfx/Design/background.png); background-repeat:repeat-x; width:100%; height:100%; z-index:101; } Here is my HTML
Then i have this other image with a gradient in the top where the stibes fade into another color. This image should _overlay_ the top of the background. This is what i tried to do in my code, but it isnt working. It only shows the tiling of the bg.png located within my body element. I never see the overlay. Anyone? /Cheers
didnt touch it, Visual studio auto generated:">>

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