Why does an element styled with "height: 100%" appears to be > 100%?

I have a page where while the page loads, I put an **absolute DIV** over all of my content with "`height:100%`" that states "the page is loading...". However, it appears from the scrollbar that the height of the page is 100% + the height of the content. This immediately goes away once the page loads and the overlay absolute positioned DIV is set to `display:none`. This happens in Firefox 3, Chrome, IE6. **Any ideas on how to make height:100%, just 100% and not more?**

Page is loading...

// content is dynamically loaded into this div via AJAX
**Update**: it appears the problem is that I have "top:45%". How do move that DIV to the center of the page (since it's a "page is loading message") without causing this same problem all over again?
Note that * body triggers all browsers and not just the IE.

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