Debug core file with no symbols

I have a C application we have deployed to a customers site. It was compiled and runs on HP-UX. The user has reported a crash and we have obtained a core dump. So far, I've been unable to duplicate the crash in house. As you would suspect, the core file/deployed executable is completely devoid of any sort of symbols. When I load it up in gdb and do a bt, the best I get is this: (gdb) bt #0 0xc0199470 in ?? () I can do a 'strings core' on the file, but my understanding is that all I get there is all the strings in the executable, so it seems semi-impossible to track down anything there. I do have a debug version (compiled with -g) of the executable, which is unfortunately a couple of months newer than the released version. If I try to start gdb with that hub, I see this: warning: exec file is newer than core file. Core was generated by `program_name'. Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault. __dld_list is not valid according to __dld_flags. #0 0xc0199470 in ?? () (gdb) bt #0 0xc0199470 in ?? () While it would be feasible to compile a debug version and deploy it at the customer's site and then wait for another crash, it would be relatively difficult and undesirable for a number of reasons. I am quite familiar with the code and have a relatively good idea of where in code it is crashing based on the customer's bug report. Is there ANY way I can glean any more information from this core dump? Via strings or another debugger or anything? Thanks.

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