C non-standard libraries

I'm quite new to programming, and I was wondering if there is a good source of well-programmed non-standard C code and libraries. I Googled and didn't find anything. I was a bit surprised by this, especially because I used to search for many Python examples and libraries and never had trouble finding anything. I already use standard libraries such as stdio.c, stdlib.c, and math.c, but I want to use some more specific C modules. A graph processing library, for example. (I don't really need this one, just a collection of C, not C++ or C#, resources and examples)
The "libraries" you refer to as "stdio.c", "stdlib.c" and "math.c" don't exist. You might mean the standard headers of , and . Including these headers provides the necessary prototypes to use certain functions, macros, et cetera in the C standard library.

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