__libc_lock_lock is segfaulting

I am working on a piece of code which uses regular expressions in c. All of the regex stuff is using the standard regex c library. On line 246 of regexec.c, the line is __libc_lock_lock(dfa->lock); My program is segfaulting here and I cannot figure out why. I was trying to find where __libc_lock_lock was defined and it turns out it is a macro in bits/libc-lock.h. However, the macro isnt actually defined to be anything, just defined. Two questions: 1) Where is the code that is run when __libc_lock_lock is called (I know it must be replaced with something but I dont know where that would be. 2) if dfa is a re_dfa_t object which is casted from a c string which is the buffer member of the regex_t object type, it will not have any member lock. Is this what is supposed to happen. It really seams like there is some kind of magic going on here with this __libc_lock_lock

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