stdcall over-ride by visual studio?

In xp 32bit this line compiles with not problem however in vista 64bit this line: m_FuncAddr = ::GetProcAddress (somthing); gives the following error > error C2440: '=' : cannot convert from > 'FARPROC' to 'int (__cdecl *)(void)' GetProcAddress is defined as WINBASEAPI FARPROC WINAPI GetProcAddress (somthing) And m_FuncAddr as int (WINAPI *m_FuncAddr)(); From what I understand both are stdcall's. To avoid the error I had to put m_FuncAddr = (int (__cdecl *)(void))::GetProcAddress(somthing); My Question: If both m_FuncAddr and GetProcAddress have the stdcall calling convention why do I have to 'recall' it with cdecl ? Is it possible that the VS project setting 'default calling convention (which is set to cdecl) over-rides the assignemet statment above ? Thanks in advance! [Edit] To clerfiy the question: On one side of the equation (say side 1) i have int __stdcall * m_FuncAddr On other side (side 2) INT_PTR far __stdcall GetProcAddress So how is it that i have to cast side 2 with cdecl if both are stdcalls ? Or am I not getting something ?
My answer still stands after your edit, int and INT_PTR are very different in 64-bit builds!

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