How to use the C socket API in C++ on z/OS

I'm having issues getting the C sockets API to work properly in `C++` on `z/OS`. Although I am including `sys/socket.h`, I still get **compile time errors** telling me that **`AF_INET` is not defined**. Am I missing something obvious, or is this related to the fact that being on `z/OS` makes my problems much more complicated? --- **Update** : Upon further investigation, I discovered that there is an `#ifdef` that I'm hitting. Apparently `z/OS` isn't happy unless I define which "type" of sockets I'm using with: #define _OE_SOCKETS Now, I personally have no idea what this `_OE_SOCKETS` is actually for, so if any `z/OS` sockets programmers are out there (all 3 of you), perhaps you could give me a rundown of how this all works? --- **Test App** #include int main() { return AF_INET; } **Compile/Link Output:** cxx -Wc,xplink -Wl,xplink -o inet_test inet.C "./inet.C", line 5.16: CCN5274 (S) The name lookup for "AF_INET" did not find a declaration. CCN0797(I) Compilation failed for file ./inet.C. Object file not created. --- A check of sys/sockets.h does include the definition I need, and as far as I can tell, it is not being blocked by any `#ifdef` statements. I have however noticed it contains the following: #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif which encapsulates basically the whole file? Not sure if it matters.

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