How to "chain" modal dialogs in YUI 2 ?

I have a modal dialog box presented in Yahoo UI. The user selects a value from dialog "A", and then I want to present another modal dialog box to collect some more data in dialog "B". I have been using the YAHOO.widget.Dialog successfully. The problem seems to be that you can't initiate dialog window "B" from the handler function of dialog "A". So, how can you programmatically launch a second dialog window after the user hits the "OK" button on the first ? (I had tried to create an additional Listener for a field that is updated in dialog "A" to trigger dialog "B" but this doesn't work either.) Thanks..
That sounds broken. Perhaps you could 'get' around the limitation by using a setTimeout to open "B" after closing "A". Or, if you can close "A" in the handler, perhaps you could open "B" right after.

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