Cursor Types

Place the mouse cursor over any of
the text below to reveal a different
Whether these work properly depends largely on how your reader’s
computers are set up.
If they have changed their cursors, their modified cursors will pop up.
No big deal really, and the majority of people will get what you’d expect.
Crosshair Cursor <span style=”cursor: crosshair;”> Crosshair Cursor </span>
Hand Cursor <span style=”cursor: pointer; cursor: hand;”> Hand Cursor </span>
Wait/Hourglass Cursor <span style=”cursor: wait;”> Wait/Hourglass Cursor </span>
Help Cursor <span style=”cursor: help;”> Help Cursor </span>
No-drop Cursor <span style=”cursor: no-drop;”> No-drop Cursor </span>
Text/Edit Cursor <span style=”cursor: text;”> Text/Edit Cursor </span>
Moveable Object Cursor <span style=”cursor: move;”> Moveable Object Cursor </span>
Resize Up (North) <span style=”cursor: n-resize”> Resize Up (North) </span>
Resize Down (South) <span style=”cursor: s-resize”> Resize Down (South) </span>
Resize Right (East) <span style=”cursor: e-resize”> Resize Right (East) </span>
Resize Left (West) <span style=”cursor: w-resize”> Resize Left (West) </span>
Resize Up + Right (North East) <span style=”cursor: ne-resize”> Resize Up + Right (North East) </span>
Resize Up + Left (North West) <span style=”cursor: nw-resize”> Resize Up + Left (North West) </span>
Resize Down + Right (South East) <span style=”cursor: se-resize”> Resize Down + Right (South East) </span>
Resize Down + Left (South West) <span style=”cursor: sw-resize”> Resize Down + Left (South West) </span>
Auto Cursor <span style=”cursor: auto”> Auto Cursor </span>
Not-allowed Cursor <span style=”cursor:not-allowed”> Not-allowed Cursor </span>
Progress Cursor <span style=”cursor: progress”> Progress Cursor </span>
System Defalt Cursor <span style=”cursor: default”> System Defalt Cursor </span>
Custom Cursor (animated) <span style=”cursor: url(‘ # ‘)”> Custom Cursor </span>


??# = Cursor Image Location?? (.cur or .ani)


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